Sunday 3rd January 2021

Welcome to the year of 2021 – however, the news this morning, here in the UK, is not great.

Listening to the lunchtime news, a couple of hours ago, I have heard that the Scottish parliament have called an emergency meeting for tomorrow (Monday, 4 th ) to discuss – and endeavour to mitigate – the predicted Covid-19 increase in positive cases, which have, alarmingly, gone “through the roof”, off the back of the Xmas and New Year holidays period.

I’m back! From where, you say? From where I left off earlier, with this week’s Diary entry hardly started - at 11.00 am this morning. Reason being - my son had called from Australia just before midday and we spent quite some time catching up with each other’s situations. After which I became embroiled in the usual weekend domestic chores: thank God that houses actually, considerably, appreciate in value, as there’s an undeniable amount of work involved in keeping them up to scratch! Trust me, folks, there’s few feelings comparable to waking up one morning (more than likely, in the second half of your life, I would be the first to admit) to find out that you are suddenly mortgage free. Yes, I’m there now – however I achieved that feat a good ten years later than I should have: but I can absolutely assure you that I’m not letting go. I still pinch myself some mornings to know that I pulled through an odious situation.

On the subject of reality – and casting a nod back up to paragraph two – this Covid-19 situation (certainly here in the UK) has all the hallmarks of turning worse before it turns better, at least through the best part of January, I reckon. Only within the last thirty minutes – with the BBC-24 news service on in the background here, at home – the Scottish parliament have announced the convening of an emergency meeting in Edinburgh tomorrow, to address the ever-escalating positive cases of Covid-19: worryingly, now, an “offshoot”, strain of the virus.

I’m fully prepared for the very real possibility that we could be heading back into a, full-on, “lockdown” situation, such as we were subjected to back in March and April of “last” year. Back then (if I recall correctly – it was a while ago now!) we were allowed outside of our own homes for one hour daily, for exercising and/or dog walking – with an additional allowance to have the time to shop for household essentials (which – I think - was curtailed to once a week).

Come this time next week, I’ll certainly have a clearer picture of the situation to convey to you: however, I fear, the only “positive” thing I’ll be reporting on will be the rise in positive Covid-19 cases. We, as a nation, are going to have to be prepared to ride out this “third spike” at least until the end of this month. Once we are into the earlier part of February, we have to believe their will come a reversal in the daily cases/hospital admissions and (sadly) deaths.

With God willing, by that time, the overall Covid situation will be aided by the countrywide vaccination roll-out: a procedure – morally and priority wise by – that will take the best part of the first six months of the year, to ensure that the entire UK population are vaccinated.

Apologies that – while we must continue to fan the flames of hope – the news for the coming month is hardly encouraging. Yet, the light is discernible at the end of the tunnel: we’re just unable to accurately gauge the length of the tunnel. On that note, here comes a personal message for you all from the “Oxford” vaccine, in the form of an iconic Sam and Dave tune!

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