Sunday 7th January 2018

Only fifty-one shopping weeks left until Christmas! How can I slow down this impending year?!

Having said that, I’ve enjoyed a fabulous couple of “days away” on the eastern side of Cyprus, arriving back late this afternoon, just as the sun was dipping into the western sky, amid a canvas of vivid orange and yellow hues. At times like these, it’s a wonderful thing to be alive!

It seems much longer than forty-eight hours that we have been away: however this impression is undoubtedly aided by Alice being able to finish up on a Friday at 12.00 noon. There is however a flip-side to this, in that she starts again on a Sunday, from 6.00 pm onwards. Having said that, it’s dark here just before six, so one doesn’t really feel like one is losing out on the latter part of the day. Added to which, the sun is up around 07.00 in the morning, currently.

Having completed the last 2017 edition of my Diary last week, well before the final chime of the clock ushered us into this new year, it was my intention to continue to display such timely entries. However, as a result of my laptop encountering the most annoying, intermittent, screen flickering – causing it to continually shut down with no warning (thankfully, it’s well within the Warranty) – here I am on Wednesday, trying to complete last Sunday’s late entry.

There is a beach front area that Alice and I frequently visit, called Curium Beach, which is only around thirty minutes from Limassol. Strung out along said beachfront – over a distance of approximately five hundred yards – there are three Café/Restaurant operations, each with their own inherent character, but all consisting of an indoor eating area and a “decked” outside patio, the latter, in all three cases, a matter of metres from the Mediterranean water’s edge.

Although there are good people – and good food – in all three establishments, I find myself drawn to the “middle” establishment – possibly the largest of all three, “covers” wise – known as “Chris Blue”. As a result of having frequented all three places over the time I have spent here, I find myself most drawn to “Chris Blue”. I would estimate their prices to be around 15% up on its flanking competitors, however – in my view – the additional cost is well merited.

We’ve all experienced this feeling of inexplicable “comfort”, be it when you spend leisure time in a facility such as this – or maybe when you are house-hunting and you are only two minutes over the door of a house for sale - and you immediately sense this is where you want to live.

That’s sort of how it is with me and “Chris Blue”: I just find myself completely at ease out on their deck right now, the waves gently stroking the shore, the temperature (even in Winter) pleasant enough to require only a T-shirt and shorts. I might think about pitching a tent here.

In spite of all of the above – and pending my lottery winner’s cheque landing on the mat – it will be back to reality for me, in a few days, when I fly back to Scotland for a couple of weeks of football business, with the closure of the “transfer window” just under three weeks away.

The last three weeks spent out here in Cyprus have been most beneficial to my well-being, increasing my long-held view that British Winters hold no lasting attraction for me! Keeping some relation to this week’s topic, I leave you with Don Henley’s “Down at the Sunset Grill”.

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