Sunday 25th November 2018

Today finds us in Ayia Napa, however my worst (best?) partying nights are firmly behind me.

In case you are unaware (although that is hardly typical of the class of reader that I have!), Ayia Napa – located at the “other end” of Cyprus from where I am normally billeted – is definitely the island’s “Party Central”. At this time of year, however, it’s like a “ghost town”.

Upon arrival here on Friday afternoon, Alice and I wandered off down to the beach (where we witnessed staggering lightning flashes, far out over the South Mediterranean) and along the esplanade, where a “trading” establishment was more the exception, rather than the rule. Further evidence of the fact that, for a good eight months of the year, Ayia Napa enjoys mass occupancy – with the majority of incumbents (I would imagine, as I’ve no earthly wish to be here during such frantic times) being in the 18 – 25 demographic. Few “oldies” about then!

Still – hey – live and let live. There are no shortage of family-orientated locations on the island, the majority of which have little real nightlife areas to speak of (because, yes, the revelers are all crammed into Ayia Napa!). Our hotel is one block down from “Bar Street”, a one-way street that probably – angularly – stretches a good mile from the frontage road, near the western seaboard, up into the heart of the town. A “pub crawl” only for the masochists!

However, when the place is as quiet as it is at the moment it’s a delight to be here. Sure, the climate – in keeping with the level of activity - cannot match that of the high season, but if you are a veteran of Scottish winters then you will find no reason to lament temperatures of 20[Symbol] C, into the third week in November, added to which the sunshine is never too far away. So, all in all, little to even think to complain about in one’s sixty-sixth year, don’t you think?

Being removed from domestic routine (well - my normal UK domestic routine, anyway) certainly enables me to focus my thoughts on my ever-decreasing future – and Cyprus has always given me that environment whereby I can (literally) sit back a little, and ponder what lies ahead.

I can truly claim to be making some positive progress in that regard, particularly on the football side of things: I’m actively now planning to “box off” certain periods of the year when (through painstaking experience, I’ve finally learned) much involvement has resulted in little outcome. Therefore, this much is clear in my head: from 1st October until 31st December I will be taking a definite back-seat. As it is, with particular reference to the above period, next year I’m assured of a touring project through October and November anyway, so that settles that. Nowadays, for sure, I am no longer so preoccupied by the football, that I would risk my “staple income” of Tour Accounting for any football involvement. Changed days, eh?!!

Once I tighten up the revised criteria of my involvement in football (which, as we speak, has got me thinking that the months of March and April – if not February also – are something of “dead ducks” as well) I need to find the discipline to pay more attention to my general health.

So, you see: progress is being made, however – arguably - I’m way behind where I should be in that respect. In “recognition” of this fact, I have homed-in, this week, on a particularly poignant accompanying track in the shape of Ceelo Green’s “Better Late Than Never”. See ya!