Goal Difference

Football - it's a life of two halves.

I've now held an official FIFA licence, to enable me to represent professional football players since December 1995 (almost 18 years now!).

However, it's not merely about representation. It's about career management - and that's where I believe I have a proven “edge”.

The majority of the current crop of football agents is either ex-professional players or 'closet' independent financial advisors. In both cases, I would argue, their hearts are not always in the right place. Many of these guys are little more than 'deal managers' and their players are hard-pushed to make contact with them, other than when a move or a renewed contract is imminent - then they suddenly stick to the players like leeches.

How arrogant of the footballing authorities to assume that they can ever bring these rogue characters to book. It takes an agent to catch an agent: our footballing authorities move with all the speed of molasses, when it comes to the machinations of their investigative processes.

Now FIFA have plans, in 2014, to abandon the Licensed Agent system worldwide. Why? Because they have failed miserably to police & control it.

After almost forty years in mainstream entertainment (primarily the music business) I know of no other way to approach player management other than on the basis of full-time career guidance. These are people’s lives.

On it's own dedicated page, you will be able to have a brief insight into my 'Parklife' project, an innovative incentive to re-standardise the science of young player career-development.

So, in the meantime, I just stick with my day job (Tour Manager & Tour Accountant in the Music Business); I hold onto my FIFA licence - and I continue to seek the resource to enable me to launch “Parklife” onto an unsuspecting football world: and, in the process, completely re-write the player management rule book.