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“Welcome to my little ol’ website. Now into my fifth decade in the Music Business (specialising in the worldwide touring sector, as both a Tour Director and Tour Accountant) I’ve come a long way from the early days of £8.00/week, nightly 400 mile drives – and sleeping in the van.

While I remain passionate about this career of mine (especially assisting in the development of emerging talent) my underlying passion is for the world of football, where I also strive to help young players to realise their dreams. Sadly, the world of football – and to some degree, the music business – has fallen prey to corporate greed: while the poor fans remain unaware.

You may note that our corporate identity features the Wham! Logo from the early eighties (my involvement with George Michael spanned almost nine years) and personifies the ever-increasing close links between the marketing of sport and that of mainstream entertainment.

As you will see from the Music section of the site, I have been associated with a diverse array of Artistes and, while still wholly committed to my present involvement with several prominent Artists, I am nowadays concentrating more on the Tour Accountancy and Consultancy side of things. I continue to enjoy direct interaction with the Artists I work with (there’s still a very experienced Tour Manager lurking here) however I’ve never been in a better position to be able to "show them the money". Nowadays, with the various restrictions upon Artists' recording income, your Tour Accountant may - ultimately - prove to be more of a key appointment than that of your Tour Manager.

One day soon, in the not-too-distant future, we hope to be in a position to give the football industry a long overdue wake-up call as to the care, management and career development of the young, emerging, footballing talent in this country, the country (after all) where it all started.

Glad to have you on board, if only temporarily! Feel free to peruse the site; to check out my weekly blog; to glance at the pics – and to make contact if you so wish. The road is my middle name (a great Bonnie Raitt track).

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